Ph.D. (Journalism & Mass Communication) Ph.D. Media

School of Media Studies

Ph.D. in Journalism and Mass Communication is a doctoral-level degree course in mass communication. Mass communication is a broad field, spanning traditional media to contemporary, technology-driven new media (e.g. web and social media). At its core, mass communication is messaging that is created for, delivered to, and consumed by large audiences. A comprehensive academic discipline, the study of mass communication considers the function and effects of media in its various forms and how it is shaped by and impacts social, cultural, political, and social institutions. Media studies provide students with a solid foundation in the discipline through exploration and methods that shape the scope of advanced research in journalism. The course teaches candidates about research methods by learning to evaluate and use documents from a variety of sources.

The Ph.D. course is a combination of coursework and research work.

Key Areas of Research

The course generally involves Print and TV journalism, online digital media, radio as well as advertising, public relations (PR), etc. Researchers develop their theatrical and methodological knowledge to mass communication and the related research areas.

Total number of Publications:10

Fellowship: The University offers research fellowship to the selected candidates.

Key Information


Min. 3 Years


Post Graduation with min. 55% in relevant subject

Selection Procedure

Entrance Test + PI