The strength of education at any institute can be discerned by its infrastructure.

JNU is the top ranking university in India due to the 196 learning areas it provides through its 16 schools. JNU offers a range of lecture theaters and lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, and Smart classrooms.

Lecture Theaters and Lecture Rooms

The conducive, comfortable, and airy environment provided at JNU promotes learning activities at its 245 lecture theaters and lecture rooms. These rooms have been developed keeping in mind sound acoustic principles to ensure every student is able to participate in the knowledge process.

Tutorial Rooms

These 46 rooms at suitable locations provide the students a safe and healthy environment to discuss, debate, and innovate with the faculty and peers. These interactions drive an idea to become a reality that helps make JNU Rajasthan's best university for a range of higher study options.

Smart Class Rooms

Smart classrooms available at all departments and schools at JNU provide the necessary digital interface to traditional education. The Smart classrooms enable students to view and engage with the theory and interact with the subject in a variety of manners to grasp the concepts better.