Student Support

JNU plays an important role in providing strong support to its students to help them extract the best out of all aspects of life and academics.

Jaipur National University’s student support services are always on-hand with information and advice for:

  • New students: Leaving home for the first time
  • International students: Adapting to life in a new environment
  • Mature students: Juggling study and other responsibilities
Student Support

Our staff provides broad advice and support through the Student Support Cell. They will direct you to specialist services when required. Some of the main support services we offer are:

Academic support

We help you to improve your writing, research, presentation, study skills, and exam techniques through interactive workshops. These workshops are conducted throughout the academic year.


Our dedicated teams help students with any disabilities, including physical and mental health or specific learning difficulties.

Counseling and well-being

We have professional counselors available anytime during your studies to support you with a range of issues like anxiety, depression, stress, and relationship problems.

Health and Welfare

We offer guidance to stay healthy through realistic and practical information to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Finance and funding

JNU provides a range of financial assistance through scholarships to help you through financial hardships.

Career services

We aim to help you to secure an ideal role after graduating from JNU. We help our students find internships and placements through our Career Services Department.

Respect for faith

JNU respects all religions and faiths. Our students are free to follow their faith unhindered.