Innovation and Incubation

If you have an innovative idea, we can show you the way ahead. Be an entrepreneur with the perfect skills through enhanced knowledge.

Our students gain competencies through the efforts of the Innovation and Incubation Centre to manage technology and business innovation, entrepreneurial ventures, and the commercialization of the processes to generate optimal business ideas. Students then work with faculty to build a viable business plan and put it into action.

The Innovation and Incubation Centre at JNU helps to identify potential entrepreneurs and to nurture and support their ideas.

The Centre helps students to develop the technology needed to build their ideas into self-sustaining business models. Innovation is a part of all Departments and Schools at this top ranking university of India.

Role of the Incubation Center

The Innovation and Incubation Centre discusses the technical and financial viability of any idea that a student comes up with. If found viable, the Centre nurtures the idea and facilitates the technology for it. The idea is then presented to an internal team and industry professionals to turn it into a successful small-scale business with the potential to grow bigger.

Our Activities

Value-added Services

The Incubation Center is a valuable resource that drives JNU to be the best private university in Jaipur.

It allows the University to create a valuable pool of innovators who are at the forefront of development and innovation in their fields of work.

Innovation management, idea generation, feasibility studies, financial aid, and final launch to market are all handled here and the students take a leading part in all activities. It develop the skills and knowledge of the students to:

Find suitable
development methods
Manage intellectual
Create new
Target or
produce new markets
Help build
the nation

Cutting Edge Research

India offers our students a diverse range of economic and geographical regions to test any innovative methodology and hone it suitably for the targeted market. Past research ideas have focused on a variety of fields, including





Medical Treatments

Information Technology