Research and Consultancy

Jaipur National University is considered to be a top ranking university in India mainly due to the quality of its research. The purpose of any academic research undertaken at JNU is to produce new knowledge and push the boundaries for each discipline to progress further.

While knowledge is imbibed on the basis of what is already known, research provides the capability to learn further. JNU researchers seek to contribute to the furtherance of knowledge while being deeply rooted through a strong social context.

This vision informs the members of the community through discourses, suitable interventions in media, and participation in various consultative bodies. Research at JNU, therefore, is linked to the world of knowledge through collaborative efforts with other academic and research organizations/Industries in India and abroad.

Research and Consultancy

Our faculty inspires and equips undergraduate and postgraduate students to take up research in innovative areas to make them better contributors to the nation and the human race. Ample evidence suggests that such faculty members are able to provide better learning outcomes.

Research and Consultancy

Research allows our faculty to improve their knowledge as they tend to stay updated with current developments in their field of work. They are also more likely to be familiar with evolving facts that may not yet reflect in a printed book.

Our faculty is thus able to bring an element of excitement to the classroom that is most useful to learn a subject.

Research Committee

Researchers and their mentor faculty are led by a Research Committee that enables all research activities undertaken at JNU.
Research and Consultancy

The role of the Research Committee towards the researchers and faculty is:

  • To encourage them to take up suitable research topics,
  • To enable workshops that hone their skills,
  • To connect and collaborate with the industry and academic bodies,
  • To provide additional incentives for top-quality publications, and
  • To create an environment to ensure that relevant research helps the community and the nation.
Research and Consultancy

JNU hires teachers with doctoral qualifications and excellent track records of research to ensure the quality of research at the University stays high. The University also encourages and supports suitable students and staff members to pursue a Ph.D. in their areas of choice.

Sponsored Research

Sponsored research is financed either by the industry or by the state or central government funding agencies like UGC, CSIR, DBT, DOE, etc. These projects have a set budget, timeframe, deliverables, etc. The University supports research by providing financial assistance for in-house projects to faculty members.

Industrial Collaboration

JNU has several collaborations with well-known industry giants. Such research is in the interests of both the industry and the University in the long run. All such research projects need to be approved by the HODs, Research Committee and Vice-Chancellor.


Researchers and faculty members are not only permitted but also encouraged to take up consultancy practices that do not interfere with the discharge of their duties at the University. Such consultancies offer expertise to the industry and are mutually beneficial to the University. Academicians get a chance through them to test their theories under real conditions. Research and Consultancy