As a top ranking university in India, Jaipur National University has an excellent laboratory infrastructure.

Almost all the Schools have well-equipped laboratories with the latest equipment and facilities for students to hone their practical skills.

The University has set up several laboratories in the following Schools of knowledge and learning:

Sixty-three laboratories for the different engineering branches are available to the students to research and hone their skills. Some of the laboratories present for students that allow a range of interdisciplinary study and practical application are:

  • First-year laboratories
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Food Technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Chemistry Lab

Workshop and Manufacturing Practice Lab

Physics Lab

Fundamental Of Electrical Sciences Lab

Engineering Graphics and Design Lab

  • Communication Technique Lab

Automobile & IC Engine Laboratory

CNC and Robotics Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics and Machine Laboratory

Production Laboratory

Strength of Material Laboratory

  • Dynamics of Machine Laboratory
  • Vibration Engineering Laboratory
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory

Analog Electronics Laboratory

Matlab programming for bioengineering analysis

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

Biomedical Instrumentation Lab-I

Medical Imaging Laboratory

Microprocessor Laboratory

Transducer Laboratory

  • Biochemistry and Histology Laboratory
  • Digital Electronics Laboratory
  • Clinical Science Laboratory

Electrical Machine Laboratory

Electrical Measurement Laboratory

High Voltage Laboratory

Power Electronics Laboratory

  • MatLab and Simulation Laboratory

Python Laboratory

Java Laboratory

Data Structure/ DBMS Laboratory

Android Laboratory

Web Development Laboratory

C/C++ Programming Laboratory

Analog and Digital Communication Laboratory

Electronic Devices Laboratory

Electronic Measurement Laboratory

Microwave Laboratory

Electronics CAD Laboratory

Microcontrollers Laboratory

  • Digital System Design Laboratory
  • Electromagnetic Waves Laboratory
  • Fiber Optic & Mobile Communication Laboratory

Central Instrumentation Laboratory including:

Cell Biology


Molecular Genetics

Bioprocess Engineering

  • Biochemistry

Food Processing Laboratory

Food Analytical Laboratory

Mass Transfer Operations Laboratory

Petroleum Laboratory

Process Dynamics Instrumentation and Control Laboratory

Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Heat Transfer Laboratory

Mechanical Operation Laboratory

Concrete Technology Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Material Testing Laboratory

Surveying Laboratory

Environment Laboratory

  • Structural Engineering Laboratory
  • Transportation Engineering Laboratory
  • CADD Laboratory
  • Water Resource Engineering Laboratory

Android Programming Laboratory

C Programming Laboratory

DOT NET - PHP Laboratory

Hardware and Networking Laboratory

Internet and Web Design Laboratory

Operating Systems Laboratory

R-Programming Laboratory

Cloud Computing - Systems Programming Laboratory

DBMS Laboratory

Art and Craft Resource Centre

Language Laboratory

Language Laboratory

Psychology Laboratory

Science Laboratory

Audio-Visual Laboratory

  • Computer Laboratory

Front Office Lab

Demo Kitchen

Training Restaurant-I

Housekeeping Demo Lab



Training Restaurant-II

Advance Training Kitchen

  • Computer Lab
  • Housekeeping Laundry
  • Basic Training Kitchen
  • Quantity Food Kitchen
  • Food Science Lab
  • Larder-cum-Confectionary

Laboratories at the School of Basic Sciences

Molecular Biology Laboratory

Bioprocess Laboratory

Botany Laboratory

Microbial Technology Laboratory

Plant tissue culture Laboratory

Molecular Biology Laboratory

Physics Laboratory (2)

Microbiology Laboratory

Research Laboratory

Research Laboratory

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Tissue Culture Laboratory

General Physics Laboratory

Basic Physics Laboratory

Bioinformatics Laboratory

Biochemistry Laboratory

Nutrition Laboratory

Developmental Biology Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory (2)

Computer Laboratories

  • Zoology Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory-1

Pharmacognosy Laboratory

Central Instrumentation Room (CIR)

Dispensing Pharmacy Laboratory

Machine Room

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory-2

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutics Laboratory-1

Pharmacognosy Laboratory

Physical Pharmaceutics Laboratory

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutics Laboratory-2
  • Pharmacology Research Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Laboratory-1
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Laboratory-2
  • Pharmaceutics Research Laboratory
  • Pharmacy Practice Laboratory
  • Project Laboratory

Radio Laboratory

Media Laboratory

  • Computer Laboratory

Textile laboratory

Pattern making and sewing laboratory

Moot Court

  • Computer Laboratory

Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory

Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory

Computer Laboratory

Fundamental of Nursing Laboratory

Nutrition Laboratory

Obstetric and Gynecology Laboratory

  • Community Health Nursing Laboratory

Neuro Laboratory

Orthopedic Laboratory

Sports Laboratory

Electrotherapy Laboratory

Agronomy Lab

Entomology Lab

Horticulture Lab

Plant Breeding and Genetics Lab