Health and Safety

A healthy mind and a healthy body provide the perfect setting for academic excellence.

We are Rajasthan's best university because we ensure that our students, faculty, and staff all remain physically, mentally, and emotionally fit at all times.

Being a top ranking university in India is no easy task when one has to manage four sprawling campuses housing 16 schools and several multi-faculty and multi-speciality departments.

Health and Safety
Health and Safety

Risk assessment

JNU has a legal duty to assess the work activities of students, visitors, employees, faculty, and any one coming on the campus.

Health and Safety

COVID consciousness

In the on-going pandemic mode, it is advised that all maintain physical distancing and sanitize their belongings and themselves as much as possible. It is mandatory to wear a mask at all times inside JNU.

Health and Safety

Local health and safety

The heads of the departments are responsible for health and safety matters in their departments towards their staff, students, vendors, and visitors.

Health and safety training

JNU is the best private university in Rajasthan that provides a range of training to foster holistic development of both its faculty and students.


All new staff during induction and all new students during admission are provided information regarding health and safety while on-campus.

Risk Assessment

JNU conducts daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and many surprise inspections of its vast campus comprising medical facilities, sports facilities, laboratories, eateries, and other facilities to create an on-going risk assessment.

Health and Safety

Fire safety training

Qualified fire inspectors provide training to the staff, wardens, and evacuation officers to manage people and provide assistance to fire officers in the event of a fire on campus.

Food safety training

All food handlers at the hostel mess, cafeterias, and hospital canteen including the staff who are involved in preparing and serving food at social events have to undergo this compulsory training.

Laboratory safety training

All staff working at the 100+ laboratories on campus and at the Medical College are provided training on general, chemical, biological, radioactive, and specific topic training.


Further details of these training can be accessed by speaking to the heads of the department when required.

Medical facilities for Students/Faculty/Staff

The following health facilities are available 24*7 to all at the university

Health and Safety

General Medicine and First Aid

Health and Safety

State-of-the-art Medical Laboratories

Health and Safety

Comprehensive Medical Care


JNU is regarded as one of the best private universities in Rajasthan not only because of its exceptional academic performance but also because we take proper care of the entire JNU fraternity and everyone who comes in touch with it.

Hazards to avoid and report

It is the duty of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to remain vigilant and report any hazards they come across so that necessary action is taken to avoid any injury or harm.
  • Obstructions of the fire exits
  • Damaged or missing fire extinguishers
  • Poor storage of flammable substances
  • Smoking on campus, JNU is a No-Smoking Zone
  • Unsafe storage of any chemicals, unstable shelves, etc.
  • Uncleared spillages
  • Speeding vehicles or obstructive parking
  • Damages to stairs, footpaths, floors, etc.
  • Faulty electrical equipment
  • Any person behaving unsafely or unsocially
  • Suspected unidentified package or bomb

Reporting instances

If you spot a potential hazard please contact the closest security personnel, your supervisor, faculty, senior, safety coordinator, and HOD.
Health and Safety

Things to do in a Fire Incident

  • Locate your nearest evacuation route
  • Locate the nearest fire alarm call point
  • Sound the fire alarm
  • Locate the nearest fire assembly point and move towards it
  • Call the National Fire Services at 112 from any available phone
  • Let people know that you need assistance if you are hurt or need help
  • Evacuate when the fire alarm sounds even if it is only for a fire drill
Health and Safety

Things to do for First Aid

  • Call the university extension number 0141+7198000 or call the Medical College at 0141+7199000 to report an accident
  • Locate the first aid counter at your building or department, the local notice board has the contact details
  • Alert a senior management in the building or the HOD
  • Perform proper first aid only if you know the procedure
  • Keep the area clear of obstruction as much as possible to allow qualified personnel access
Health and Safety

Things to do for accidents

  • Locate the nearest reporting counter at the building
  • Alert the personnel of the incident
  • Stay clear of the site to allow qualified personnel access
All incidents, accidents, and any dangerous occurrences should be reported to the HOD through the proper format. Details of the reporting can be found from the department offices.