Science is a way of life that is based on perspective and the School has turned this inquiry-based thinking evolution into an art form over the years.


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The strength of the BSc courses in Jaipur that the School offers along with the range of study options has turned it into one of the top BSc colleges in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and India. Students from across the country can be found studying at the School in its various courses.



Laboratories at the School of Basic Sciences

Molecular Biology Laboratory

Bioprocess Laboratory

Botany Laboratory

Microbial Technology Laboratory

Plant tissue culture Laboratory

Molecular Biology Laboratory

Physics Laboratory (2)

Microbiology Laboratory

Research Laboratory

Research Laboratory

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Tissue Culture Laboratory

General Physics Laboratory

Basic Physics Laboratory

Bioinformatics Laboratory

Biochemistry Laboratory

Nutrition Laboratory

Developmental Biology Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory (2)

Computer Laboratories

  • Zoology Laboratory