Learning Facilities

The university has set national benchmarks in higher education and technical education and is the most sought after educational institution in India. As a top ranking university in India, JNU provides the perfect infrastructure to deliver an educational experience that rivals international standards.

Jaipur National University’s learning facilities offer:

Learning Facilities

Fun Learning

The zest to attain knowledge is achieved through a host of facilities like study halls, well-stocked libraries, auditoriums, research laboratories, creative zones, etc.

Smart Classrooms

Smart learning tools like projectors and smartboards enhance the learning experience and the beauty of the overall educational process. Classroom is equipped with the latest technology and has large windows to brighten up the classroom and provide fresh breeze and sunlight as a good working space.


With 157 state-of-the-art laboratories across its 16 schools and departments, JNU is one of the best private universities in Rajasthan, which provides hands-on learning opportunities in all the programs that it offers.

Green Campus

A green campus has a positive impact on learning. It encourages the youth to undertake environment-friendly habits like walking or riding a bicycle, recycle products, consume organic foods, etc. The campus is a no-smoking zone and participates in rainwater harvesting and other green initiatives. The lush green lawns with beautiful flowers enhance the charm of the campus.

Learning Facilities
Learning Facilities


An exceptional mind resides in a sound body. JNU provides proper courts for basketball, volleyball, cricket, badminton, football, tennis, and a sports stadium to encourage students to take up a career in sports. Yoga rooms and gyms help improve the overall personality of the students.

Learning Facilities

Home Away from Home

Ergonomically designed hostel rooms are airy and comfortable, providing all the amenities that are required to help the students focus on academics and extracurricular activities. Separate hostels for boys and girls and one for international students are also provided.

Hi-tech Infrastructure

The entire campus including the hostels, cafeterias, lawns, departments, etc. is Wi-Fi enabled. The excellent IT infrastructure provides seamless access to all learning resources and communication channels. JNU also provides National Knowledge Network Connectivity through nationally available satellite links.

Complete Security

A secure environment at all 4 campuses the campus allows the mind to focus entirely on academics. 24*7 security of its campus, hostels, departments, laboratories, etc. provides students, staff, and faculty the necessary peace of mind for focused academic pursuits. All four campuses are CCTV-enabled and geared with all safety equipment.

Learning Facilities

Academic Excellence

Well-stocked automated Libraries on all four campuses have around 80,000 print and online journals, books and reference material for all the programs taught at the University. To enhance academic excellence and promote research, As one of the best universities in Rajasthan, JNU subscribes to journals of national and international repute.

Learning Facilities

Health Services

On-campus health services provide necessary primary healthcare. JNU also houses the top medical college in Rajasthan that provides 800 multispeciality beds for all kinds of general to intensive health care services to its students, staff, local and distant communities.

Estate Maintenance

A separate Estate Office with three engineers and a range of support staff keeps all facilities running in top condition all the year round.


JNU collaborates with national and international institutes, universities, and organizations of repute to provide perfect learning opportunities and the latest information to its students. Some of its collaborators are:

National Academic Tie-Ups

International Academic Tie-ups: