Beyond Academics

JNU aims to develop the holistic personality of all its students and researchers. This requires students to not only attain excellence in education but also gain experience in a variety of avenues like community development, sports, singing, dance, and many more.

Sports and fitness activities are an integral component of the life of a student at JNU. Qualified coaches and instructors supervise students to participate in their sports of choice through practice sessions. These students fulfill their aspirations of wearing the university colours or jerseys when they participate in any sports meets or events.

Special Yoga sessions, Dance classes, and Aerobics are also organized where students and staff members may participate to keep themselves fit. The aerobics sessions attract all as they are an important cardiovascular exercise with a variety of ‘low impact’ and ‘high impact’ aerobic exercises.


This annual programme attracts around 10,000 students from around 100 institutions from all over India. It provides a platform for an invigorating exchange of ideas and information for the students. It is a programme of the youth, by the youth, and for the youth, to inculcate a sense of duty, responsibility, and belongingness.

Jaipur National University Marathon

To celebrate the dauntless spirit of 'a woman' and to promote 'Education of a Girl Child', Jaipur National University, organizes the "Jaipur National University Marathon" for boys and girls every year in the month of March.

Spic Macay

The University organized a three-day Rajasthan State Convention of SPIC MACAY in July 2013 where artists of national and international prominence participated. The convention provided an excellent opportunity to the students to know about our rich cultural heritage and also motivated them to develop a taste for our traditional art and culture.

Faculty Fiesta

Faculty Fiesta is a medley of fun and entertainment for the teaching fraternity that provides them a platform to showcase their talents. The main attraction of the event is the Ramp Walk by faculty members.

Gravity Sportsfia

Sports are an integral part of the University. To promote sport spirit amongst students every year sports competition “Gravity Sportsfia” is organized by the University. In this event students participate with full enthusiasm in various outdoor games like Volley ball, Basket ball, Cricket, Khokho and Indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom, Badminton etc.


Photorazz is a potpourri of interdisciplinary entertainment and learning for our students. It is organized at the beginning of the year to energize and encourage our budding and talented students to pursue photography more seriously. It has now become a University-level activity that is held every year.

Dancing Flamingo

Dancing Flamingo is inter-college duet dance competition organized each year to showcase the dancing spirit of JNU students. Students await for this event eagerly and participate in it with full zeal. The competition sets fire on the stage with dancing coordination, theme and energy of the students.

Lohri Celebration & Kite Flying competition

Each year University celebrate Lohri and Kite flying competition on Jan 13. The purpose of the event is to strengthen unity in diversity, tradition and culture of India.

Punjabi folk songs, Giddha, Bhangra, Bonfire and Kite flying competition are its highlighting feature. Outcome of the event is to inculcate the traditional belongingness and love for festival amongst students.

International Women's Day

The International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8 by the Women's Cell of the University. It addresses the issues of women's oppression and gender inequality and to inspire women for a healthier change. The School of Education also organized a panel discussion on “Education and Women Empowerment.”

Run For Roses Inspiration to Speak English

"It is Roses and Roses all the way!" the fragrance of the beautiful roses merges with learning during this campaign. The week is a priceless opportunity for students to practice their communication skills. Students are rewarded with roses in the rosy evening of Jaipur's setting sun at the Open Air Theatre.

JNU Dreams, Jaipur Green

Jaipur National University is Rajasthan’s best university as it is committed to build stronger relationships to shape our today with tomorrow by empowering and energizing activities. Every newly admitted group of students is made the guardian and mentor of the saplings planted by them.