• Ergonomically designed rooms
  • Airy and comfortable
  • Provides basic amenities
  • Focus on both academics and social activities
  • Access to extracurricular activities
Separate hostels for boys, girls and for international students are provided.
JNU is one of the top private universities in Rajasthan that provides a home-like residential experience to over 2500+ students. The accommodation provides the hostelers an opportunity to study in peace and also to socialize with like-minded students from across the globe.

Hostel life may be new for some but we try to create an atmosphere that makes this journey as memorable as their interactions with the rest of the JNU community.

  • 2,250

    Rooms in self-catering residences

  • 600

    Rooms for Medical students


Why students prefer to take up campus residence at JNU

The top three reasons that students opt to reside on-campus at the best private university in Rajasthan are:

Vibrant Community

Interactions with the JNU community are strengthened at the hostel residences. The shared spaces allow a healthy exchange of skills, ideas, and experiences in academics, sports, and many other areas with like-minded people from varied backgrounds.

Calm Locale

The green and tranquil location of the hostels ensures complete peace of mind to concentrate on the course work. Absolute security allows the student to focus on their tasks without any external disturbances.

JNU’s Guarantee

We provide hostel accommodations to all JNU Jaipur students. To get more details on our residence guarantee, please refer to the hostel page.

Explore the Student Residences


Well-designed and comfortable rooms


Minimal disturbance from outside


24-hour security


Dedicated wardens ensure that all facilities stay functional and secure at all times.


Every room has an air-cooling system, and the hygienic mess provides tasty and nutritious food.


Hostels have WiFi, ATMs, stationery shops, cafes, and primary care centres.


Girls Hostels at SADTM campus


Boys Hostels

International Students Hostels

There are two International hostels with all modern amenities available for nearly 100 NRI students at the SADTM campus and JNU main campus.

  • International Hostel at SADTM campus
  • International Hostel at JNU main campus

University Guest Houses

Spacious and comfortable accommodation is available for visiting parents and guests of the students on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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