Student Clubs & Societies

JNU is known as a top ranking university in India as it ensures the holistic development of its students. The development of their personalities depends on a variety of factors
Academic Excellence, Sports Pursuits, Creative Endeavors

The University organizes a range of extracurricular activities through various clubs and societies that stimulate the creative talent of its students

Student Clubs & Societies

The Young Readers and Writers Forum (YRWF)

The club develops the writing skills of the students through creative workshops, writing competitions, book review writing competitions, short story writing competitions, etc. This develops the imaginative and innovative skills and improves their professional and interpersonal skills.

Student Clubs & Societies

The Sophists Club or The Debaters Club

The club is dedicated to developing the oratory skills of the students through debates, declamations, extempores, presentations, etc. It helps deploy logical and analytical thinking that further enhances the rhetorical eloquence needed for public-speaking.

Student Clubs & Societies

The Dramatics Club

This club conducts drama competitions under the banners of "William Shakespeare", "Kalidasa", and "Pearl", which provide an enriching experience to explore and express human emotions. The cathartic experience derived from drama generates confidence and positivity and sensitizes dramatic skills like acting, scripting, writing, directing, etc

Student Clubs & Societies

The Photography Club

Photography is a powerful medium of expression and communication that offers an infinite range of perception, interpretation, and execution. The Photorazz event drove our students to join together and create this club, which has now turned into an essential interdisciplinary activity of the University

The Unicorn Club

The activities of these clubs and societies are coordinated by the students under faculty supervision

This Tech Club is a simmering pot of creativity that helps society in the long run. It helps form new alliances to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Students pick up the nuances of collaborative teamwork and project management skills here. They gain hands-on experience with new open-source technologies to apply their learning to sustain a society in the long run

Student Clubs & Societies
Student Clubs & Societies

NSS Cell

University has NSS cell which is well known for its services to mankind and society. The cell regularly organizes the campus, awareness workshops and activities to inculcate the values of life in the minds of young generation.

During Corona Pandemic an awareness activity was organized by this cell in the nearby village areas. Our students and Faculty members briefed the local people about the preventive measures to be taken care during covid 19. They distributed Hand sanitizers and masks to local people and teach them about their usage.

Student Clubs & Societies

Eco- Green Club

This Club committed to building stronger and lasting relationship for shaping our tomorrow by empowering and energizing activities. The greenovators began the greening with eco-friendly ideas by planting for the future in the most popular greening campaign each year, “JNU dreams Jaipur Green”. Eg. Swachh Bharat campaign, plantation programmes, Say no to Plastic etc.


Alumni Club

JNU organizes alumni meet every year to walk through the memory lane of its beloved students. The alumni actively participate in the meet. Alumni invited to deliver lectures and interact with the students to share their expertise and Industry academic experiences.

Sports Club

Sports is the backbone of any country, society and educational systems as it has been a part of civilization. Organization of sports events was followed from the oldest civilization where sports person used to show their talent from different parts of the globe.

Student Clubs & Societies

Today the sports have become one of the major events for any country. Every year, our country is performing well in athletics, Crickets, etc. at international level. So it is our duty to contribute in shaping the future of country in the sports. So our University organizes various sports events at the level of departments, schools and inter-university. Besides this our students also participates in the various state and national level sports events. Such events will help our students to opt their career in sports also.

Student Clubs & Societies

Yoga Club

Yoga Club of Jaipur National University conducts various activities to create awareness about health and fitness in young minds. This club believes in keeping the young mind close to our yogic culture, which helps them in meditation and concentration in their studies.

Technical Club

In any education system, besides academic activities there are several other areas where students can show their potential and interests. One such event is technical skills, which is managed by our technical club, existing from last 4-5 years in our campuses. Our students organizes, technical skill based events, like scientific theme based posters making competition, model making and their presentation etc. The main motto of this club is to attract the young minds towards science, advanced skills so that they should be competitive with their fellow competitors from different varsities.

Student Clubs & Societies