Jaipur National University Institute for Medical Sciences and Research Centre


I have an extraordinary experience at JNU and learnt a lot. There are plenty of opportunities to practice taking patient histories as well as physically examining them. I became very comfortable in dealing with patients and felt accomplished that everything I was learning in class was being put to use in a clinical scenario.

Abhinandan Singh KavyaBatch 2016

Testimonials From Students And Parents

One really feels at JNUIMSRC that the learning experience is tailored for you. The administration and faculty members work directly with students in order to make medical school the best experience it can be. It never fails to impress me how promptly our feedback is incorporated in day to day student life.

Kirti SharmaBatch 2017

Testimonials From Students And Parents

The faculty members and physicians at JNU are all great mentors. Nurturing students in every way to become excellent doctors. They have done far more than just educating and imparting medical knowledge- they have motivated and inspired students to strive for their mission. I am enjoying my time at JNU, and feel indebted for the opportunities provided. I would strongly recommend students to consider JNUIMSRC as the ideal place to pursue your career in medicine.

Dev PooniaBatch 2019

Testimonials From Students And Parents

The college provides invaluable opportunities to apply our knowledge and skills in a stimulating environment based on patient interaction to solve clinical case studies, enabling us to hone our expertise and solidify our understanding of medicine.

Ranbireshwar ThakurBatch 2016