International Seminar on Bioinformatics in Healthcare

Feb 14, 2020

Taking healthcare one step forward the School of Life Sciences at Jaipur National University organized an International Seminar - “Bioinformatics in Healthcare” on 25th January 2020. The dialogue during this seminar fascinated the students regarding the field of bioinformatics in healthcare.

Dr. M. Krishna Mohan, Senior Scientist at BISR was the Chief Guest of the seminar. The seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Sandeep Bakshi Hon’ble Chancellor and Prof. H.N. Verma, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, the seminar witnessed the viewpoints of eminent keynote speakers. More than 350 young researchers participated in the conversation. Visualizing the future of healthcare sector, Dr.M. Kapil Jhalani from Munchner Leukaemie Lab, Germany talked about the contributions of artificial intelligence in leukemia diagnosis.

Here are some glimpses of the curiosity-driven seminar.