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Mainstreaming Gender In Nutrition Sensitive Interventions To Reduce Malnutrition

Apr 24, 2023
Mainstreaming Gender In Nutrition Sensitive Interventions To Reduce Malnutrition

DATE: 24 to 26th April, 2023

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The National conference on changing roles of gender in agriculture was held online during 24th April to 26th April, 2023. The session started with a general welcome by the organizing secretary Dr. E V Divakara Sastry. He gave a brief introduction about the conference, while welcoming all the delegates and participants. This was followed by welcome address by Dr. R. L.Raina, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Jaipur National University, Jaipur. He emphasized on the role and importance of gender in agriculture. The importance of women in agriculture and has traced the historical relation of the women in agriculture to the present status, thus setting tone to the conference. Dr. H. N. Verma, Hon’ble Pro- Chancellor, addressed the next. He, in his addressed has shown the importance of women farmers in Indian agriculture with statistical facts. He has also emphasized on the education of the rural women and their skill upgradation which will ultimately lead to agricultural development of the country. The key note address was delivered by Dr. Mridula Devi, Director of CIWA, Bhubaneswar. She has shown the picture of position of women in agriculture. The areas where women are engaged, the problems faced by women in agriculture. She has also shown possible areas where improvements can be made to reduce drudgery of women in agriculture, also how the productivity of women labour can be increased in agriculture. Dr. Preeti Bakshi, executive Director of Jaipur National University has wrapped up the session with her remarks. She has also emphasized on the need of womens’ education to improve the awareness and also reduce possible exploitation of women in rural areas. She has also highlighted the initiatives being taken by Jaipur National University in this direction. The session ended with a vote of thanks by the Organizing secretary.

Session I: Gender issues at farm level, production and management.

The first presentation was by Dr. Amtul Waris. This was followed by presentations by Dr. A Janaki Rani, Dr. Jyoti V Vastrad, Dr. K. Lalmalsawami, and Dr. Deepak Nath.

Session II: Policy interventions related to gender equality

This session has presentations by Dr. Alexandra Spieldoch, Dr. Arpita Mohapatra.

Session III: “Gender issues and agricultural marketing”

This session had presentations by Dr. Anupama Mishra, Dr. Rengalakshmi, Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Vijaya Yadav Tokala and Dr. Olubukola M Odeyemi, Dr. Kushagra Joshi and Dr. Shipla Vasavada.

Session IV: Issues of Gender mainstreaming in India and abroad.

The session has presentations by Dr. Lipi Das, Dr. Ranjan Karippai, Dr. Tanuja, Dr Tanuja S, Dr, Preeti Joshi, and Dr. Renu Jethi.

Session V: Education and Gender Equality

This session has presentations by Dr. Veenita Kumari, Dr. Manoj AS, Dr. Akansha Goyal, Dr. Kumud Shukla and Dr. Jyoti Nayak.

Session VI: Special Presentations

This session had presentations by Dr. Hiywot Menker, Dr. R K Saha and Dr. P.K. Srivastava.

Session VII: Student Presentations

This session had presentations by two – Ms. Masot Zingkhai and Ms. Priyanka Maity.