School of Agricultural Sciences

The School is one of the top agriculture colleges in Rajasthan with Accreditation from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. The School provides in-depth knowledge on pressing modern issues like food security, protecting the environment, sustainability, and biofuels. The School offers its precious seats to hard-working, independent problem-solvers who enjoy utilizing their expertise and knowledge to achieve the best agricultural outcomes.

Any candidate from a Science, mathematics, or agriculture background can join this top agriculture college in Rajasthan and contribute a lot in the upliftment of the society by ensuring food security and agricultural sustainability. The course provides the hands-on-training experience by imparting Rural Agricultural Work Experience and Industrial training and uses modern technology to equip the graduates with the tools to compete at the global level.

The School is equipped with smart classes, modern laboratories, a library, and sprawling agriculture & Horticulture farms, that allow the students to develop their knowledge and skills in the latest technologies. Many exposure visits, field trials of the latest crops and their growth methodologies and laboratory practicals, all help in turning students into professional agriculturists.