BTech specialisation in RPA is a 4 year industry oriented degree that guarantees lucrative career opportunities in the futuristic industries of Robotic and Automation. Robotic Process Automation or RPA makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate human actions interacting with digital systems and software. Learn RPA practices to digitally transform businesses using Industry recommended automation principles and UiPath platform. Gain In-depth knowledge of UiPath Studio, the life cycle of RPA, evolution – future of RPA, invoking a workflow, differentiating RPA from Automation, types of bots, application areas of RPA, components of UiPath, Data Manipulation and PDF automation, queue management system and more through hands -on projects and industry enabled case studies.

BBA in Fintech

BBA in Fintech is a 3 year degree that focuses on the amalgamation of finance and technology in global markets. It is not just a regular management where commercial and economical activities create a base for studies, but it includes all the contemporary practices in finance. The student will be taught the tools & techniques of Financial Technology along with exposure to live projects. Industry oriented curriculum ensures the employability of students. This holistic education program is focused not only on classroom training and assignments but also field work, industry interaction and internship for overall student's development.

BBA in Digital Marketing

BBA in Digital Marketing is a 3 year degree that focuses on fundamental principles, practical applications and growth trends in digital economy. The student will be taught the tools and techniques of Digital Marketing along with hands on experience of live projects and industry exposure. Industry-oriented curriculum makes the students job ready and placement assistance ensures the employability of students. Students will be able to identify, research and analyze the digital marketing issues in the current business situations, bring in appropriate and well-justified solutions and generate & evaluate an effective digital marketing plan.

B.Des. in Industrial Design

B.Des. in Industrial Design is a 4 year design degree course that guarantees a rewarding career in a fast paced growing industry. Industrial Design as an industry is growing at a very fast pace in-line to the growth in the manufacturing & design Industry. Upon completing this course, students will be able to ideate, conceptualise and visualise user-centric products that are manufactured at an industry level. Students will be able to design products that are highly desirable in the market and will find areas where innovative products can bring in positive change in lifestyle or society. Students will get an understanding of targetting the right audience for marketing their product through customer research. This course will help students to become trendsetters & leaders in the field of industrial product design.

B.Des. in Communication Design

B.Des. in Communication Design is a 4 year degree in design that emulates the core and trends of the design industry. Communication Design as an industry is growing at a very fast pace owing to the growth in the Design Industry. The course is designed for informing, educating and entertaining people such that the message is conveyed and received in an attractive and efficient manner. The student after completing the course will be able to communicate to the community through graphic design, animation design, film and video design. During this course, students will attain good analytical, thinking and innovative abilities. They will be skilled with specific techniques to be creative in their solutions and knowledgeable about latest development in the field of Communication Design. This will create professionals with expertise who will emerge as leaders in the field of Communication Design.

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