Seedling School of Nursing


If you are looking for the best BSc Nursing institute in Jaipur, then JNU’s School of Nursing is where your search ends. This School is a prime contributor to the Nursing fraternity that shapes its students into quality nursing professionals both in India and across the world. Our Indian and foreign graduate professionals work towards improving the health of individuals and communities through leadership and excellence in nursing education, research, practice, and service

The experienced core faculty of the School is a dynamic mixture of vast experience, and intense enthusiasm that instils similar qualities in their students. The pedagogy followed at this School integrates theoretical learning with practical experience through its connections with leading corporate healthcare providers. This allows our graduates to shape their vision to provide professionally relevant patient care, which leads to healthcare reforms through active collaboration between academia and industry.

The School is considered to be the top nursing college in Rajasthan as it provides highly motivated professionals with a spirit of altruism, commitment, and dedication to work. Our graduates possess the knowledge and skills as well as the compassion and integrity to provide the best care to patients.