School of Media Studies

When the School of Media Studies was set up in 2004, JNU quickly came to be reckoned as the best university for mass communication in India. As the top media college in Rajasthan, the School of Media Studies offers its students competencies in the area of media literacy to gain a better understanding of the world and develop necessary intellectual prowess as well as transferable skills.

Graduates from the School are often known in the industry as professionals who are confident and motivated to manage various complex problems in society. Our graduates are adept at a range of media studies such as audio, images, videos, photographs, and accompanying stories to explore new ways to analyze and influence humankind to improve. Our media courses are designed to recognize and heighten the awareness of the graduates through a combination of industry expertise and academic accomplishments.

Traditional classroom teaching at the School is supported by laboratory and studio facilities that prepare the students for the professional markets. Students learn to develop their academic network capabilities by participating in seminars, conferences, industry interfaces, study tours, student-exchange programs, and internships. This allows them endless opportunities to carve exceptional career paths for themselves.