Seedling School of Law and Governance

This Law School is the pathway to an intellectually challenging, personally gratifying, and financially rewarding professional and personal life. The School is counted among the top 5 law colleges in India and turns out well-trained professionals to serve a variety of legal functions in our country. Legal professionals from this School are known problem-solvers and innovators who are willing to take on new responsibilities, tackle ever-evolving challenges, master new technologies, and navigate effortlessly through a complex and dynamic legal system.

The School is a leader and innovator of legal education in India and is one of the top law colleges conducting moot court activity in the country. The vibrant community at the School values people, their expertise, and skills to provide for a healthy intellectual exchange. The School was established and founded by one of the Legal Luminaries of India, (Late) Prof V.S. Mani, and it runs programs along the pattern of the best National Law Schools in the country.

It offers many innovative interdisciplinary courses like B.A. LL.B (Hons), BBA LL.B(Hons) five-year integrated, LL.B three-year, LL.M one-year (with specialization in Criminal and Business law). The School imparts sound knowledge to help grapple with conceptually challenging issues through a system of logical reasoning and clarity of thought. Students are encouraged to analyze and research complex legal issues and master oral and written communication to simplify complicated ideas. Through this rigorous process, the School produces some of the best lawyers and law consultants in the country.