School of Languages, Literature and Society

The School was set up in 2008 and soon rose to become the top college for BA English Hons in Jaipur and one of the best M.A. English Literature colleges in Rajasthan. The programs offered are designed to provide knowledge and competence to its graduates in literature, language, culture, and society. The main objective of the School is to empower students in the theories, methods, and applications of literary and critical thinking in practical contexts to turn them into competent professionals.

Students are encouraged to focus on specific genres and texts to engage in critical practices to become aware of the effects of social, political, cultural, historical, and ideological formulations. The School prepares and equips its students to gain excellence in such career fields that require intense language competence. The School helps JNU become an acclaimed academic institution; where the finer points of spoken language, such as syntax, lexis, grammar, tenses, and much more is taught, discussed, researched, and improved. Students also explore the historical and social context of the languages through a deeper study of certain phrases and linguistic eccentricities that are common, or rarely used, or even obsolete in the modern times.

The School is counted among the top B.A. Hons English colleges in Rajasthan; as the course analyzes the use of various elements of the language with social theory, focusing on topics like the relationship of language and gender, class, or race. Teaching here is supplemented with seminars, projects, guest lectures, literary fests, cultural events, and the very valuable research dissertation.