School of Languages, Literature and Society

The School of Languages, Literature and Society, at Jaipur National University, was set up in 2008. The School programmes are designed to provide knowledge and competence in the areas of Literature, Languages, Culture and Society; for a wide range of professions such as teaching, civil services, media, and public relations etc.

The School's central mission is to provide a deep study of theories and methods of literary/critical thinking and their application in practical contexts. By focusing on specific genres and texts, the students are encouraged and engaged in essential practices that make them aware of the effects of social, political, cultural, historical and ideological formulations. The school also prepares and equips the students with language competence for their professional development.

Our dedicated faculty contributes to teaching and guiding the research scholars in all areas of British, American & World Literature. Addressing the holistic development for greater academic promise, the school regularly conducts weekly seminars, presentations, projects and guest lectures by subject experts and provides the students with an opportunity to attend literary fests/ cultural events and career counselling workshops, to enhance their literary/artistic sensibilities and enhance their literary appreciation skills.

The Courses aim at teaching the students with:  

  • The Representative Authors and their traits.
  • The Respective Literary Ages & their Salient Features; various Literary Trends.
  • Poetic Devices, Strategies and Applications.
  • French and Spanish languages.
  • World Literature.

Our classes celebrate the beauty of Art & Literature and Effective Language to engage the diversity and complexity of life. We aim to hone the critical, linguistic and imaginative skills of our students to thrive in this modern world.