School of Fashion Design

The School of Fashion Design recognizes that fashion is a constantly evolving and ubiquitous aspect of life. By enrolling in the premier fashion designing school in Jaipur, located at JNU, you can elevate your creative pursuits in fashion and achieve celebrity status with your designs displayed worldwide. Graduates of the School are highly known for their comprehensive understanding of design processes and their ability to bring forth novel improvements in the industry.

The School is a unique blend of two seemingly disparate, yet intimately interconnected worlds of business and fashion. The curriculum is designed to provide a rigorous learning experience, anchored in the highest standards of academic and scholarly excellence. Students are encouraged to nurture their creativity and innovation, while also gaining unparalleled experiential learning opportunities through partnerships with industry leaders.

The School is committed to creating an environment that fosters growth and innovation, in line with the ever-evolving fashion industry. Our cutting-edge teaching methods, coupled with excellent career prospects, ensure that students are well-equipped with the necessary insights to thrive in the world of fashion.