School of Education

Perfecting pedagogy is the life force of this School, which has emerged as a premier institute of Pedagogical Studies and Research. It is also known as the first B Ed college in Rajasthan to introduce educational technology through content analysis, concept mapping, use of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Constructivist Taxonomy. The School has helped turn JNU into the perfect training ground for any aspiring teacher looking for the top B.A, B.Sc. colleges in Jaipur or pursuing M.Phil in Education in Rajasthan.

The teaching methodology for the courses offered at the School frames the course outcomes, instructional objectives, classroom transactional techniques, assessment and evaluation of learning, and teaching. Novel approaches to make teaching and learning collaborative, cooperative, constructivist, student-centric, and group-centric are often discussed in and around the School. Technology-driven learning is followed at the School through the use of Smart classes, online classes, portfolios, and assignment presentations through a focused system of reflective feedback and mentoring practices.

The faculty here is a group of singularly impressive scholars, researchers, and practitioners who actively work to improve the state of education by exploring new frontiers in learning and teaching. Students gain insights into a wide range of academic, professional, and social issues by participating in various events such as international conferences, national seminars, workshops, panel discussions, field trips, academic exchange programs, inter-university cultural and technical fests, etc.