School of Computer & Systems Sciences

The last few decades have seen an increased dependence of our society on professionals graduating from this School. The school provides knowledge of some of the niche courses in the country like BCA in Cyber Security and BCA Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Such progressive courses allow our students to learn quickly about the rapidly expanding and ever-changing yet exciting field of technology and help them to make a viable career and renowned position in life for themselves.

The technology market prefers our graduates for their range of innovative product ideas and practical knowledge of the subjects. This growing demand for competent professionals draws many more aspiring students of this School to adapt quickly to the technological changes of this industry and take it to newer heights.

Quintessential courses like BCA and MCA, provide a learning edge that focuses on honing problem-solving skills, enhancing innovative skills, promoting research, and developing the graduate’s computing skills. Our graduates learn to analyze, design, and create solutions for real-life problems that later on become a life-long habit that drives their successful career.