School of Allied Health Sciences

The allied health field provides numerous opportunities to our graduates to fill up niche areas of medical services that are always in high demand. Our graduates learn to help prevent, diagnose, and treat various ailments and make a positive difference in the lives of their patients through care, compassion, and meaningful intervention. These healthcare professionals support physicians by taking care of patients at various hospitals, community settings, laboratories, and research institutions.

The School of Allied Health Sciences is one of the best physiotherapy, B Optometry, and BMLT colleges. It offers novel and niche courses that help our graduates in their professional and personal lives. The School is committed to provide focused knowledge of evidence-based care as well as integrative medicine technologies, which enable our students to excel in the healthcare industry. The curriculum focuses not only on the present landscape of healthcare but also on the future demands of the sector.

The School offers courses like BSc Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology, MSc Medical Pharmacology, BSc Anatomy, MSc Medical Microbiology, Diploma in Anaesthesia, Dialysis, ECG, Forensic Sciences, Medical Imaging Technology, BSc Operation Theatre Technology, Anaesthesia Technology, Cardiovascular Technology, BSc Clinical Dietetics, BSc Anesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology, and many more. This allows our students to collaborate by sharing knowledge, skills, and research to produce enhanced patient outcomes and experiences through conservative care. When these are combined with the best of modern diagnostic and treatment options they produce superior results at lower costs.