B.Ed Bachelor of Education

School of Education

Two year Bachelor of Education programme, generally known as B.Ed., is a professional programme that prepares teachers for upper primary or middle level (classes VI -VIII), secondary level (classes IX-X) and senior secondary level (classes XI-XII).

Engagement with the Field/Practicum

The B.Ed. programme provides for sustained engagement with the self and the child, Community and School, at different levels and through establishing close connections between different curricular areas. This curriculum area serves as an important link between the above two board curricular areas through its three components viz.

  • Tasks and Assignments that run through all the courses,
  • School Internship and
  • Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities as practical activities.

Highlights of the Programme

Upon the completion of the programme from one of the best B.Ed. Institution in Rajasthan, students will be able to:

  • Develop understanding about education as an independent discipline in itself.
  • Establish inter linkages with other disciplines.
  • Design, organize and conduct meaningful activities to critically reflect upon their own practices and develop strategies for evaluating children’s learning.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the learner and their diversities.
  • Display concern on the issues of identity, gender, equity and livelihood.
  • Relate the social context of their professional practice to the policy and environment of school system.

Key Information


2 Years


Graduation in any stream with min.50% (reservation as per Govt. norms)

Selection Procedure

Pre-Teacher Eligibility Test (PTET) conducted by Government Nodal Agency


Scholarships and freeships are awarded to the students based on merit and merit-cum-need basis.

Industry Internship Programme

School Internship is a part of the broad curricular area of 'Engagement with the Field' and is designed to lead to development of a broad repertoire of perspectives, professional capacities, teacher sensibilities and skills. The curriculum of B.Ed. provides for sustained engagement with learners and the school (including engaging in continuous and comprehensive assessment for learning), thereby creating a synergy with schools. Student-teachers are equipped to cater to diverse needs of learners in schools for four weeks in the neighbouring schools. Students are actively engaged in teaching for 16 weeks in the final year of the course to teach in schools with systematic supervisory support and feedback from faculty. The B.Ed. course is designed to integrate the study of subject knowledge, human development, pedagogic knowledge and communication skills. The programme comprises of three broad curricular areas: Foundations of Education, Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies and Engagement with the field. The courses under each of these curricular areas are based on a close reading of original writings, seminar/term paper presentations and continuous engagement with the field. Transaction of the courses is done using a variety of approaches, such as, case studies, discussions in reflective journals, observations of children, and interactions with the community in multiple socio-cultural environments.

In this programme teacher centric & student centric pedagogies are followed such as - cooperative learning, constructivist approach, technology enabled teaching & learning, discussion method, praxis model, dialogical teaching, supervised study method and lecture method.

Programme Structure

  • Childhood and Growing up (BEDCG101)
  • Contemporary India and Education(BEDCE102)
  • Language across the curriculum (BEDLC103)
  • Understanding Disciplines and Subjects (BEDUD104)
  • Yoga , Health and Personality (BEDYO105)
  • Yoga Practical (BEDYO106P)
  • Teaching and Learning(BEDTL201)
  • Assessment for Learning(BEDAL203)
  • Drama and Art in Education (BEDDA202)
  • Computer Application in Education (BEDCE204)
  • Pedagogy of English (BEDEN205)
  • Pedagogy of Sanskrit (BEDSA206)
  • Pedagogy of Commercial Practices (BEDCP207)
  • Pedagogy of Mathematics (BEDMA208)
  • Pedagogy of Political Sciencev (BEDPS209)
  • Pedagogy of Chemistry (BEDCH210)
  • Pedagogy of General Science (BEDGS211)
  • Pedagogy of Urdu (BEDUR212)
  • Pedagogy of History (BEDHS213)
  • Pedagogy of Drawing and Painting(BEDDP214)
  • Pedagogy of Economics (BEDEC215)
  • Pedagogy of Hindi (BEDHI216)
  • Pedagogy of Geography (BEDGF217)
  • Pedagogy of Book Keeping (BEDBK218)
  • Pedagogy of Biology (BEDBI219)
  • Pedagogy of Physics (BEDPY220)
  • Pedagogy of Social Science (BEDSS221)
  • Pedagogy of Computer Science(BEDCS222)
  • Internship (04 weeks- Practical) (BEDPT225P)
  • Knowledge  and Curriculum (BEDKC301)
  • Critical Understanding of ICT (BEDIT302)
  • School Internship (16 weeks- Practical) (BEDPT303P)
  • Gender, School and Society (BEDGS401)
  • Creating an Inclusive School (BEDIS402)
  • Peace Education (BEDPE403)
  • Environmental Education (BEDES404)
  • Post Internship (Practical) (BEDPT405P)

Career Prospects

  • Teacher 
  • Counsellor 
  • Educational researcher 
  • Educational Administrator 
  • NGO (Educational Planning, Management and Development)
  • Coaching and Tuitions (Online/ Offline)

Applying for Admissions 2022-23

B.A(Pass) is three years bachelors degree in arts. This is the foundational degree for entering in any career related to higher education .The optional subjects available for studies in JNU are History, Geography, Sociology ,Hindi literature, drawing and painting, Music, Political Science, English Literature, Economics and Psychology.

10+2 pass with minimum 45% marks.

Personal Interview and merit basis.

Each student has to select minimum three papers from the group of a choice.

It provides base for the students who are looking forward to career as

  • Administrative services like RAS, IAS, RPS,IPS
  • Allied services.
  • Teaching profession
  • N, number of Job based on choice and competency.

Diploma in Guidance & Counseling

This is 1 year diploma course specially designed for the students who want to seek career in School Guidance & Counseling.

For B.Ed- This course is specially designed for prospective teachers in schools of all levels. For M.Ed- This course is designed for future teacher educators. They get job in Teacher training institutions.

This course is mandatory for Ph.D. & M.Phil Programmes in education.

For B.Ed.- Graduation in any stream with Min.50% (reservation as per Govt.Norms.) For M.Ed.- B.Ed with Min.55% aggregate (reservation as per Govt.Norms.)