M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering

School of Engineering & Technology

At Jaipur National University a two-year post-graduate M.Tech program in Chemical Engineering has been specifically designed to provide a platform to graduate students for a prospective career in upcoming chemical industry.It is designed to equip students with in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and research capabilities to address complex challenges in the chemical industry. The curriculum typically covers a wide range of subjects such as advanced thermodynamics, process optimization, transport phenomena, mass transfer, heat transfer, and chemical reaction engineering.M.Tech in Chemical Engineering often includes a significant research component, requiring students to undertake a thesis or project work. This research aspect allows students to contribute to the field by exploring new technologies, improving existing processes, or addressing contemporary issues in chemical engineering.The program not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes practical applications through laboratory work, industrial visits, and internships. This hands-on approach helps students develop a well-rounded skill set that is crucial in the professional realm.

Learning Perspective

In M.Tech Chemical Engineering, the learning perspective encompasses a holistic understanding of advanced principles in chemical processes, design, and innovation. Students delve into cutting-edge research, gaining proficiency in simulation tools, optimization techniques, and sustainable practices. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering a dynamic skill set to address industry challenges. This perspective not only nurtures technical expertise but also instills a strategic mindset, preparing graduates to contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of chemical engineering.

Key Information


2 Years


B.Tech. with min. 55%

Selection Procedure



As per University norms

Tuition Fee


Caution Money



*Lab & Library fee will be charged separately
#Program Proposed from Session 2024-25

Programme Structure

  • Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Mass Transfer
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory
  • Mass Transfer Lab
  • Open Elective*
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Process Modeling and Simulation
  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Process Modeling and Simulation Lab
  • Heat Transfer Lab
  • Open Elective*
  • Research Methodology
  • Preliminary Thesis*
  • Seminar
  • Open Elective*
  • Thesis


Career Prospects

Ample of job opportunities and career prospects are available for M. Tech Chemical Engineering. Being a M.TechChemical Engineering post - graduate you can work in various different sectors like Petrochemical Industry, R&D Sector, Pharmaceutical Industry and others.

M.Tech Post - graduates are in huge demand and the various job profiles are as follows:

  • Industry Opportunities: M.Tech in Chemical Engineering opens doors to diverse sectors, including petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental engineering, and materials science.
  • Process Engineering Roles: Graduates can pursue careers as process engineers, overseeing the design, optimization, and management of chemical processes in industries.
  • Research and Development (R&D): Opportunities exist in R&D labs, where graduates can contribute to innovation, new product development, and process improvement.
  • Environmental Engineering: With a focus on sustainable practices, graduates can work in roles related to environmental engineering, addressing pollution control and sustainable production.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology: M.Tech graduates are sought after in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for roles in drug development, manufacturing, and bioprocess engineering.
  • Energy Sector: Opportunities in the energy sector involve optimizing processes in oil and gas refineries, as well as exploring renewable energy options.
  • Consultancy Services: Graduates can provide consulting services, offering expertise in process optimization, safety, and compliance to various industries.
  • Management Roles: With additional skills in project management and leadership, M.Tech graduates can climb the corporate ladder into managerial positions.
  • Entrepreneurship: Some graduates choose to start their ventures, capitalizing on their expertise to innovate and contribute to the industry.
  • Global Opportunities: The global nature of the chemical industry offers prospects for international careers, collaboration, and exposure to varied technological advancements.