School of Media Studies

Guest- Rama Pandey, Cinematographer, Actor, Poet & Play Director

Aug 22, 2022

On 22th August 2020, School of Media Studies- Jaipur National University organized a webinar on Bhartiya Cinema me Hindi Bhasha ke badlte aayam. There were 45 students and 5 faculty members are participated in this webinar.

Rama Pandey said that today the nature of Hindi language has changed completely in Indian cinema. Presently, Hindi is not spoken so well in Bollywood. Literary Hindi was spoken in Indian films in 19th century cinema. Entire Hindi was spoken in earlier songs too. Even in today's songs, English words are used to him. They said that Changes have come in the language as well as technology in the cinema of the 21st century. Earlier, dialogue Writers used to write dialogue. Now actors and actresses change according to their personal language.

Below are the leaning outcomes of the students:

  • Gained current language knowledge of Indian cinema.
  • Detected the difference between the languages ??of old films and languages ??of latest films.
  • Got knowledge of script writing of films.
  • Got knowledge of film dialogue writing.
  • Got knowledge of software of script writing.

It was a fruitful visit which gave students an exposure to the webinar session. School of Media studies dept especially thanks to Sh. Rama Pandey famous script writer.