School of Allied Health Sciences

Visit to Frubon

Feb 25, 2023

Jaipur National University conducted a day visit to Frubon a visit dairy and ice-cream factory for Allied Health Science students. The visit was on 25th February 2023, Saturday, we reached there at about 11:30 from our college, we were first introduced to chief Manager of the factory who introduced us about the factory and told that it all started from Jaipur and have been expanded throughout Rajasthan in these 15 years and now they are going to expand in U.P cities like Lucknow and Meerut, we were also told that they use pure milk which comes from nearby villages in about 20 litres per day. The product they produce are mainly ice-cream in all different flavours and all the milk products such as cottage cheese, ghee, buttermilk and bakery products. They provide with in different forms which are pasteurized at 75°c and then packed. The ice-creams are freezer at -21°C in their deep freezers. We get a lot of information about these machines, the process of making of products, how the with milk is pasteurized, ice-creams are prepared and how they are packed. They maintain hygiene in every aspect. We visited the whole factory through Safety officer of the factory, we gave us every detail including the cleaning of machines which is done by caustic soda and and acid. In the last made us taste their chocolate cone ice-cream. We gained a lot of knowledge and had full visiting in the Frubon factory.