School of Computer & Systems Sciences

Live Photography: Capture Beautiful Moments of SADTM

Feb 03, 2024

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The primary objective of "Live Photography" activity was to provide enthusiasts with an immersive experience aimed at nurturing students passion for photography as a hobby. The activity sought to create a conducive environment where participants could explore and develop their interest in photography, gaining both technical skills and artistic inspiration along the way. Attendees were encouraged to reflect on their personal interests within theme of Nature and technical photography.

"On 3rd February 2024, A&C hobby club, School of Computer & Systems Sciences organized this activity at the central lawns of SADTM, bringing together students for a day of spirited competition. The event starts at 1:30 PM with the arrival of HOD, SCSS, Mr. Gaurav (External Photography Expert) along with Coordinator, A&C Hobby Club, faculty members and students of SCSS.

"Live Photography" activity successfully achieved its objective of fostering a vibrant and supportive community of photography hobbyists