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School of Allied Health Sciences

Yoga Day - 2021

Jun 21, 2021

A yoga camp was organized by Jaipur National University, School of Physiotherapy on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Dr. Sandeep Bakshi, Chancellor of the University, Dr. A. D. Mathur, Principal and Controller, Dr. Jaswant Goyal, Senior Medical Advisor, Dr. B.S. Mahajan, MS, Dr. Atul Singh, Head of Physiotherapy was present on this occasion. More than 100 participants participated in the yoga camp following the Corona rules.Dr. Sandeep Bakshi told that Yoga is an effective way to stay healthy. We all should make yoga an integral part of our daily routine. The chief guest of the program, Dr. Sandeep Bakshi described yoga is very important for the patients of Covid and gave a message to include it in lifestyle. Dr. Mukesh Sharma conducted the program in the yoga camp.