School of Allied Health Sciences

Kite Decoration Competition

Jan 13, 2024

Venue : 13.01.2024, SIILAS Campus

The Kite Decoration competition was organized by School of Allied Health Science, Jaipur National University, Jaipur on 13th January 2024. Participants from different schools of SIILAS diligently participated in the competition. The proposal of activity consent was put up by the coordinator to the director for sanctioning the accords.

The judges of the event were Dr. Saurabh Singh, Dr. Mohammad Asif and Dr. Pallavi Singh. After the event the judgment committee present at the event decided the winners and a valediction was conducted thereafter. In total 22 students participated. The winners of competition were Mr. Nitin Gurjar and Mr. Hemant Sharma from school of Nursing. The runner up were Ms. Shyalu Panchal and Ms. Manisha Mulodia from school of Allied Health Sciences.