School of Allied Health Sciences

Human Chain

Sep 08, 2023

Uniting Hands and Minds: The Human Chain Formation by Physiotherapy Students on World Physiotherapy Day

On the 8th of September 2023, a remarkable display of unity and dedication unfolded as 300 students from Masters of Physiotherapy (MPT) and Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) programs came together to celebrate World Physiotherapy Day. Their mission? To form a human chain spelling out the word "PHYSIO," symbolizing their commitment to the field of physiotherapy and its principles of healing and well-being. As the morning of World Physiotherapy Day dawned, excitement and anticipation filled the air. Students arrived at the designated venue, each one eager to contribute to the collective effort. With precision and teamwork, they arranged themselves into the shape of the letters "P," "H," "Y," "S," "I," and "O," forming the word "PHYSIO" with their bodies.