Seedling School of Law and Governance

Workshop on Cyber Era: Trends and Solutions

Jul 28, 2021
Guest Lecture

Seedling School of Law and Governance organized a National Workshop through Zoom on “Cyber Era: Trends and Solutions” on 28th July 2021. Mr. Vinaytosh Mishra, Dr. Rakesh Maheshwari, Mr. Nandan Kamath graced the webinar as eminent speakers and explained various aspects of cyber law.

Mr. Vinaytosh Mishra, IPS, currently serving as Addl. Director General of Police & Director SCRB, Odisha Police, elaborated on cyberspace, its importance and practical overview of cyber frauds that are happening these days with emphasis on preventive measures for such frauds and showing the practical examples.

Dr. Rakesh Maheshwari, Senior Director, Cyber Law and e-Security Group, Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, and Mr. Nandan Kamath, Principal Lawyer, LawNK, had a brilliant panel discussion on the new Intermediary Rules, 2021. The discussion included ideas behind the draft, relationship with the competition & antitrust laws, different aspects of the data protection bill, the challenges & shortcomings of the intermediary rules, giving students a different approach. They also mentioned that the biggest currency of the digital world is popularity which needs to be taken care of. They explained the challenges and implications of cyber-security legislations, cyber crime laws and digitals rights. He described the standards of being a good digital citizen and digital leader. They also mentioned about the conflict of laws and discussed the international aspects of cyber law.

The Webinar was coordinated by Dr.S.Krishnan, Associate Professor Seedling School of Law and Dr. Samrat Datta, Assistant Professor, Seedling School of Law and Governance, Jaipur Jaipur National University, Jaipur. The Webinar was successful with an active participation above a hundred students, scholars and faculties from across the nation.

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