School of Allied Health Sciences

Nutri-Traction - An Awareness Camp

Oct 11, 2022

NutriTraction” an awareness camp, was organized by Allied Health Sciences students on 11th October, 2022 at SIILAS Campus, Jaipur National University:

The different activities of the awareness camps were as follows:

  • The students assessed the health status by determining Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood pressure and other health parameter.
  • In addition, nutritional counseling was provided to other faculty members and students of other departments for different lifestyle disorders such as hypertension, obesity, atherosclerosis, Diabetes etc.
  • Students also displayed Nutrient dense innovative supplementary food products, such as Kuttu Atta Laddu, Barley Laddu, Ragi Rings, Rajgeera Laddu, etc.

The Director SIILAS, Prof. K.K. Mishra, appreciated the efforts of the students and faculty of Allied Health Sciences for organizing such camp and motivated to plan such activities in the future.