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Seminar on Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Bakery Sector

Oct 03, 2023
Seminar on Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Bakery Sector

DATE: 3rd Oct. 2023

BENEFICIARIES: B. Tech. Food Technology students

RESOURCE PERSON:  Mr. Sandeep Singla

PROFILE: Entrepreneur, Day Nite Baker's, Sirsa, Haryana

Previously worked with Kanchan Metals Private Ltd as Food Application Engineer

Devyani International Pvt. Ltd. as Sr. QA Executive

Parle Products Pvt. Ltd. as QA Executive

TIME: 11:00 AM onwards

The Department of Food Technology at Jaipur National University recently hosted a stimulating seminar focusing on "Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Bakery Sector." The event aimed to enlighten budding professionals about the prospects and challenges within the bakery industry, specifically in entrepreneurship.

The keynote speaker for this insightful seminar was Mr. Sandeep Singla, an esteemed Entrepreneur from Day Nite Baker's, Sirsa, Haryana. Mr. Singla brought a wealth of experience, having previously served as a Food Application Engineer at Kanchan Metals Private Ltd, a Senior QA Executive at Devyani International Pvt. Ltd., and a QA Executive at Parle Products Pvt. Ltd. His diverse background provided a comprehensive view of the food industry, especially within the bakery sector.

The seminar primarily catered to the audience of B. Tech. Food Technology students, providing them with a platform to delve into the entrepreneurial aspects of their field. Mr. Singla's address centered around crucial aspects vital for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing self-employment, fostering a learning attitude, fostering innovation in food products, and harnessing advancements in food equipment.

Throughout his presentation, Mr. Singla provided invaluable insights gleaned from his own entrepreneurial journey, illustrating the importance of a dynamic and adaptive approach in the competitive landscape of the bakery industry. He elaborated on the significance of understanding market demands, consumer preferences, and the integration of technological advancements to create innovative and sustainable food products.

Overall, the seminar proved to be an enriching and enlightening experience, providing a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs in the food technology field to envision their potential roles in the dynamic bakery industry.