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School of Business & Management

Webinar on Professional Expectations at Global Level at 5th Sept. 2020

Jan 05, 2020

A webinar with Dr. C. Jacob (Technical & Commercial Director, Wall Technology IIc, Dubai, UAE),Dr. Regilal Gopalan (Area Manager- KROHNE Oil/Gas, Dubai), Dr. Srikrishna Ganesan (General Manager, AI  Gandhi Electrical & Automation, Dubai), Dr. Sanjeev Sushil Jha (General Manager, Logwin Air & Ocean, Dubai) was held on 5th September, 2020 at School of Business and Management (JNU Main campus), Jaipur National University, Jaipur on the topic "Professional Expectations at Global Level".

During the session Dr. C. Jacob pointed the importance of being professional.. He also focused on conscientiousness, decision making, adaptability, ability to learn, punctuality, integrity and interpersonal skills and leadership which are expected from professionals.

Dr. Regilal Gopalan has highlighted the leadership skills that one must possess is the ability to lead the team. He also gave an insight of the importance of interpersonal skills, adaptability. Analytical mindset and new ideas are expected from professionals.

Dr. SrikrishnaGanesan pointed out that embracing change is very important step for any professional as he cannot grow until he faces tough competition. The management students expressed that the session was very beneficial and have understood about the professional expectations at global level.