Jul 07, 2021

An online seminar was organized by the School of Social Sciences in collaboration with the School of Computer & System Sciences on the topic "CREATE YOUR DESTINY THROUGH A LESS TRAVELLED ROAD OF PROFESSIONAL WORK." on June 29th, 2021 at 11 a.m.

The webinar was attended by a broad group of stakeholders, including eminent social activists, academicians, educators, researchers, and social work students from all over India.

Objective of the Webinar :

  • To increase awareness of Social Work Education in India among Field Work Settings.
  • To comprehend the constraints and potential of Field Work Agencies and Social Work Colleges in Covid situation.
  • Its challenges, as well as the need to clarify the roles and duties of professional social workers and development agencies

Prof. H.N. Verma, Vice-Chancellor while inaugurating the session, welcomed the speakers and gave brief introduction of the various schools of the university and about the campus facilities.

Pratibha Jain Mishra, HOD, Central University, Bilaspur, M.P delivered her address on the Topic: Social Work Opportunities and Challenges in Covid- 19, Changing Present Scenario. She highlighted that during the pandemic the domestic violence have increased, child abuse, female discrimination, physical and emotional distress. The pandemic not only affected the physical but has also affected the mentality of the people from children to old age people.

G.P. Bhadradas: HR & Advisor in Social Work, New Delhi spoke on the Topic Social Work Interventions n Various National and International Level. He highlighted internationally social workers are inclined to love their profession as it is the best job with social justice values underlying all work, it offers flexibility and portability, and can help in healing and solving the problems of the people.

Mr. Kanwar Singh Yadav, Ex. Regional director, CBWE, Ministry of Labour, Government of India, spoke on the Topic: Professional Social Worker in India and Its Field in the Post-Covid Situation.. He nostalgically described his numerous experiences while working with many different individuals, as well as how his institution had extensively taught him in fieldwork at the grassroots level, which is a critical component of a social work degree.

Last Session was Question/Answer Session – where students and professors answered questions about social work.

Finally to conclude, Prof. Veena Dwivedi expressed her appreciation for the significant contributions made by the keynote speakers and thanked everyone for starting and participating in such a knowledgeable and interesting event.