One-day Workshop on Data Structure using python

Jan 30, 2023
One-day Workshop on Data Structure using python

The Department of School of Engineering and Technology, frequently collaborate with businesses on workshops, industrial visits, and seminars. The students are exposed to the demands, trends, and opportunities of the market today.

The industry specialists contribute a fresh viewpoint and method of instruction, as well as practical applications of the technology. Students are more likely to pay attention to professionals in the field and ask them critical questions.

A renowned provider of IT consulting, development, and training services, CADD CENTRE, Jaipur, was requested to deliver a one-day session on data structures using the Python programming language. Developer at CADD CENTER & LIVEWIRE, Mr. Abhinav Mathur, and. In order to conduct the session in offline manner, Mr. Devendra Saini (Developer & Trainer at CADD CENTER & LIVEWIRE) travelled to the campus.

They led the students on a journey from becoming programmers to robotic engineers and data scientists, covering the following topics.

  • Data structure using python
  • Robotics in present scenario
  • Career in Robotics
  • What is IOT
  • Embedded system
  • Microcontroller
  • What is Arduino
  • What is raspberry pi 3

Additionally, the business expressed interest in holding such workshops in the future and encouraged JNU Jaipur students in their pursuit of knowledge and achievement.

Data Structure using python1
Data Structure using python2
Data Structure using python3