Career Counseling Session on Career Prospects in Biotechnology

Aug 10, 2021

A webinar on “Career Prospects in Biotechnology” was organized by the Department of Biotechnology, School of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur National University on 20th August, 2021. The Webinar was addressed by Dr. Tahmina Islam, Visiting Scientist, Leibniz University of Hannover and Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Germany and Post-Doctoral Fellow from Plant Breeding Institute, Christian-Albrechts-UniversitätZu Kiel, Germany.

Dr. Tahmina started the session with a brief description of Biotechnology. She explained core areas of Biotechnology and how internships, industrial visits and dissertations in Biotechnology courses, can be utilized as career building opportunities. She appreciated that the Biotechnology Engineering programme running at Jaipur National University gives an emphasis on these value-added courses. She discussed how students can apply for different scholarships available globally for completing higher education (MS, M.Tech or PhD) from India and abroad. She shared the career prospects of Biotechnologist in Research and Development as a Scientist, and also they can use their skills in developing a new startup as an entrepreneur.