Cache Efficient Computing

Jan 27, 2022
Cache Efficient Computing

International Collaboration

Jaipur National University is continually striving for achieving excellence in academics and research by forging strong international collaborations with the best universities and research institutions across the world. JNU-Jaipur has entered one such international collaboration with one of the largest state university systems in the USA, the University of Florida.

This Academic collaboration opens up avenues for joint research, academic collaboration, student exchange programmes, and faculty exchange, between the two leading universities in India, and the USA. To cement the newly founded relationship, JNU-Jaipur invited a leading academician, computer scientist, and researcher, Prof. Sartaj Sahni, to deliver the First Distinguished Lecture, in its Distinguished Lecture Series.

About the Speaker

Prof. Sartaj Sahni is a Distinguished Professor of Computer & Information Science and Engineering at the University of Florida. With over five decades of thorough research and academic background Prof. Sahni is a leading computer and information scientist, with research interests in the fields of Data Structures, Algorithms, and Efficient Computing.

Prof. Sartaj Sahni is a popular author, published fifteen books that are used as texts and reference books across the world. He has contributed to and edited more than forty other books on his subject. He has published and presented over 400 research papers, has 8 copyrights, 15 patents, and is a on the editorial board of a member of over 40 journals and professional bodies. Prof. Sahni has received prestigious awards and medals for his contributions in the field of computer and information sciences.

The Webinar: Cache Efficient Computing

For long, the problem of finding efficient computational algorithms has puzzled the hardware designers and software developers. One way to speed up the computation is by introducing a fast memory buffer – a cache memory – between the CPU and the main memory. The problem is that because of its cost, the cache size is relatively much smaller than the main memory.

Cache efficient computing is the new paradigm in computing that addresses the issues arising due to small cache size by rewriting the algorithms, reorganizing the data, and changing the sequence of computations. Prof. Sartaj Sahni, being a proponent of the subject, started by introducing the problem with previous generations of computer systems.

He then discussed the benefits that were realized by introducing a cache between the main memory and the CPU. Finally, he discussed the problems that arose because of small size of cache – the problem of cache misses. This results in more time spent in data fetch than actual computation. Cache efficient computing, he argued and demonstrated, with examples and verifiable data, can resolve many of these issues. At the end of the lecture, Prof. Sahni emphasized that with the betterment in algorithms and data representation, the efficiency and computational power of multi-core processors can be achieved by a single-core processor.

Event Details

Event Patrons:

  • Dr. Sandeep Bakshi, Hon’ble Chancellor, Jaipur National University
  • Prof. H. N.Verma, Hon’ble Pro-Chancellor, Jaipur National University
  • Prof. Roshan Lal Raina, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Jaipur National University

Event Host and Compère:

  • Dr. Blessy Thankachan, Professor, School of Computer and Systems Sciences
  • Mr. Mudit Khetan, Associate Professor, School of Engineering and Technology

Event Technical Team:

  • Mr. Mukesh Chaplot
  • Mr. Praveen Kumar
  • Day and Date: Wednesday, 5th January, 2022

    Cache Efficient Computing
    Cache Efficient Computing
    Cache Efficient Computing
    Cache Efficient Computing
    Cache Efficient Computing
    Cache Efficient Computing
    Cache Efficient Computing