To ensure a holistic development of students, the university organizes various extracurricular activities under the aegis of different clubs such as "The Young Readers & Writers" forum, "The Debaters" Club, "The Unicorn" Club, "The Dramatics" Club, "The Photography" Club, "The Unicorn" Club and so on to hone the creative talents of the students.

The University has the following Academic and Cultural Forums/Clubs for providing platforms to the students to express their creative talents and sharpen their skills of presenting ideas cogently:

The Young Readers and Writers Forum (YRWF):

This club focuses on the development of the writing skills of the students by organizing creative, Writing competitions, Book-Review Writing competitions, Short story writing competitions etc. Such activities develop the imaginative and innovative skills of the students in addition to improving their professional & interpersonal skills.

The Sophists Club (The Debater's Club)

This club aims to develop the oratory skills of the students through engaging them in activities such as debates, declamations, extempore, presentations etc. Such exposure helps students to realize the power of deploying logical and analytical thinking which further enhances their rhetorical eloquence required for public-speaking.

The Dramatics Club

This club of university conducts drama competitions for students under the banners such as "William Shakespeare", "Kalidasa", and "Pearlâ" etc. Such enriching experience helps the students explore and express human emotions. The cathartic experience derived from drama generates a confidence and positivity in their personalities. In Addition, it sensitizes the students to the arts such as acting, scripting, writing, directing and other related areas. Thereby bringing them face to face with their creative potential.

The Photography Club

Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation, and execution. Photo razz started out as an attempt to encourage some of our budding and talented students to pursue photography more seriously. The intention was to give them a platform to showcase their work and get recognition for their talent. Soon we had students pouring in from other departments as well who were equally passionate about photography and wanted to learn more about it. Before we knew it Photo razz soon became an interdisciplinary activity.

Unicorn Club:

Unicorn Club is well managed Tech Club of Jaipur National University, mainly focuses on collaborative learning, team building and project building. We strongly encourage learning of new technologies. We promote open-source technologies but together we talk about closed source projects too. The new ideas proposed are taken into consideration as well as being developed and promoted the period of time. The club is a family with people all over. Each member of the club serves it as its child. The contributions made are appreciated.

Last year WebVR event was organized by Unicorn club. This event was about open source organizations, their role and code ethics. Participants get to know about open-source organizations such as Mozilla, DuckDuckGo, etc. and lots of other and ways to contribute to those organizations. The primary focus of this event was rebooting of Unicorn Club and make them aware of the opportunities waiting ahead. With this event, participants learned about basics of web designing and virtual reality. The event started with the introduction of Mozilla Club and how one can involve.  WebVR Slide link can be found here: (Thanks to Ram and Kevin). The activities of these clubs are coordinated mainly by the students under the supervision of faculty members.

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