M.Sc. (Bioinformatics & Data Science)

School of Life & Basic Sciences

The integration of bioinformatics with data science synergizes the strengths of both the domains, elevating our comprehension of biological systems and data driven approaches in the field of life sciences and medical healthcare. It will be a blend of machine learning, big data analytics, and statistics. The program will help the students in gaining experience in solving problems with real world data. After completion of this program the student will be able to enhance their data based predictive and analytic capacities which is the key requirement for drug designing, machine learning, data analytics, software development and medical transcript based jobs.

Jaipur National University is one of the best universities in the country which has been playing an important role in maintaining this data driven excellence. The Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has been also playing a pivotal role in generation of primary data for various disease prediction and treatment. This collaborative synergy between bioinformatics and data science amplifies our capacity to derive meaningful insights from intricate biological data, fostering advancements in personalized medicine, drug development, and our overall understanding about unsolved mysteries of system biology.

This interdisciplinary approach is indispensable in navigating the challenges presented by the large datasets generated in the realms of biology and medicine

Key features of this amalgamation:

Multi-Omics Integration, Facilitation of Precision Medicine, Advancement in Predictive Modeling for Drug Discovery, Effective Big Data Analytics in Genomics, Machine Learning in Disease Biomarker Discovery, Insightful Network Analysis, Utilization of Text Mining in Biomedical Literature, Application of Biological Image Analysis, Comprehensive Data Integration for Systems Biology, Ethical and Privacy Considerations and Real-time Data Analytics for Healthcare

Key Information


2 Years


Graduation in any stream of Allied/life science with min 50%.

Selection Procedure

Merit + PI

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*Lab & Library fee will be charged separately
#Program Proposed from Session 2024-25