MD (Physiology) Doctor of Medicine in Physiology

Jaipur National University Institute for Medical Sciences and Research Centre

Highlights of the Department

  • The Department of Physiology at one of the best MD in Physiology Colleges in Jaipur, has ultramodern facilities that meet all the requirements of postgraduate learning. All the laboratories are air conditioned and equipped with a full set of audio-visual facilities.

Departmental Infrastructure

  • Hemato – Physiology Laboratory: The Hemato-physiology profiling along with cytomorphometric analysis gives the desired inputs in appreciation of the physiological basis of haematological issues in health and disease and the implications of cytomorphometric matrix in the respective cell physiology.
  • Amphibian / Electro – Physiology Laboratory: Students in this laboratory receive practical training in the physiological issues related to Muscle and Nerve Physiology, Respiratory Physiology and Cardiac Physiology and the Department of Physiology at one of the best MD in Physiology Colleges in Jaipur, is in the process of re-framing the techniques of demonstrations and practicals in real-time of clinical issues related to the said Organ Physiology Systems.
  • Human / Clinical Physiology Laboratory: Clinical aspects and the physiological basis of applications in Clinical Medicine is explored and experimented in this Laboratory. Students learn various issues pertaining to clinical examination and the underlying physiological principles are explained.
  • Mammalian Physiology Laboratory: The Laboratory in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacology to explore and experiment the pharmaco-physiological issues related to the chemical substance/drug given parenterally.
  • Neurophysiology Laboratory: Issues related to neural dynamics in health and disease are explored in this laboratory situated at one of the best MD in Physiology Colleges in Jaipur, and an attempt is underway to model the physiological perspectives of the human mind.
  • Autonomic Functions Laboratory: The assessment of autonomic functions and its profiling in health and disease is attempted in this station of the department.
  • Cardio- Respiratory and Exercise Laboratory: Physiological issues pertaining to the Organ System Physiology of the Respiratory and cardiovascular System is explored and delineated in health and disease.
  • Metabolic Physiology Laboratory: Systems in metabolism and endocrine axis are experimented and avenues are explored wherein modification may be attempted with the physiological domains.

Academic & Research

  • Curricula in Physiology offered at one of the best MD in Physiology Colleges in Jaipur, postgraduate course-work are revised at regular intervals meeting the dictates of changing times.
  • The department appreciates the relevance of research in academia and all efforts are made to ensure a work ethos that stimulates and re-kindles the essence of exploration.


  • Department is providing EMG and NCV diagnostic facilities to the patients in collaboration with the Department of Gen Medicine.

Key Information


3 Years


MBBS from MCI Recognized Govt / Private Medical College.

Selection Procedure

Through NEET PG