MD (Microbiology) Doctor of Medicine in Microbiology

Jaipur National University Institute for Medical Sciences and Research Centre

Highlights of the Department

  • Microbiology is a wide and deep branch including various disciplines. From its humble beginning of conventional diagnostic techniques, the department of Microbiology has now evolved into a giant department with fully developed section, of Bacteriology, Serology, Immunology, Mycobacteriology, Parasitology, Mycology Lab and the newer Molecular Diagnostic labs of advance Research & Virology.

Departmental Infrastructure

  • The department has Undergraduate Microbiology Lab and Research Lab for PG students
  • Microbiology department also provides its services to the Central Diagnostic Lab. The clinical Lab services include:
    • Bacteriology Section- In the bacteriology Section, we have facility for microscopic examination and Aerobic culture and sensitivity by conventional method and Automated BACTEC FX40 system for blood culture.
    • Mycology Section- Microscopic examination of various clinical samples is performed by KOH mount, India ink and other special stains as per requirement. Department is doing conventional fungal Culture & identification and Speciation.
    • Parasitological lab- The facility for Stool microscopy for intestinal parasites is available. The laboratory is doing routine Stool microscopy for intestinal parasites.
    • Virology & Molecular Lab- The laboratory has done tremendous work to manage the COVID 19 pandemic and worked tirelessly to test approximately. The Virology section is also doing testing for Swine flu and TB PCR.
    • Mycobacteriology Lab - The lab has been doing culture and drug susceptibility testing for Mycobacterium by conventional and automated methods.
    • Serology Lab- Rapid card tests like HIV. HbsAg, HCV ASO, CRP, VDRL, Scrub Typhus, Chikungunya & RA tests are done by Rapid & ELISA.
    • Immunology Lab- Vvarious Immunological tests like ANA (IF) and Widal Tube test are done here.

Academic & Research

  • Curricula in Microbiology postgraduate course-work are revised at regular intervals meeting the dictates of changing times.
  • The department appreciates the relevance of research in academia and all efforts are made to ensure a work ethos that stimulates and re- kindles the essence of exploration.

Key Information


3 Years


MBBS from MCI Recognized Govt / Private Medical College.

Selection Procedure

Through NEET PG