Master of Social Work MSW

MA in Social Work programme provides an opportunity for the students to study a range of topics. The course enables the students to encourage critical-thinking skills, design, and conduct their research projects; identify key social issues and engage effectively with the wider academic community. The programme sensitize students to think about the role that can help in solutions to the current social and economic challenges. It offers a strong grounding in theory and methods, which impart skills. These skills are enhanced through Workshops, Seminars, Panel Discussions, Guest Lectures and field visits which are organized and conducted for the students.

It aims at building social work knowledge and practices through a range of ideological stances, research, and field engagements. The core ethos and values pervade all aspects of learning, knowledge building, and interventions. Interwoven with these aspects of social justice, rights, development and empowerment of society. It also appreciates differences and intersectional ties, created through categorical imperatives of caste, class, gender, ethnicity, and faith.


  • Course Curriculum based on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in alignment with NEP 2020.
  • Classroom, Concurrent, and block field learning components spread over four semesters.
  • Empirical learning comprises field work, rural practice, and field study engagements.

Key Information


2 Years


Graduate in any stream with min. 50%

Selection Procedure

Merit + PI


As per University norms

Programme Structure

  • Social Work Profession; Origin And Development Of Social Work
  • Theoretical Foundations of Social Work (FSW)
  • Social Science Perspective for Social Work Practice
  • Human Resource Management
  • Family and Child Welfare
  • Communicative English

  • Field-work Practicum & Viva-Voce-I

  • Social Work Research
  • Social Case Work: Theory and Practice
  • Social Group Work: Theory and Practice
  • Trade Unions and Industrial Relations
  • Women and Society in India
  • Yoga and Mental Health

  • Field-work Practicum & Viva-Voce-II
  • Summer Placement (After The Ii Semester Theory Examination During The Summer Vacation

  • Social and Human Development
  • Community Organization: Theory and Practice
  • Social Welfare Administration and Social Action
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Family and Child Counseling
  • Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

  • Field-work Practicum & Viva-Voce-III
  • Internship

  • Social Policy and Planning in India
  • Counseling & Communication
  • Disaster Management
  • Labour Legislations in India
  • Family welfare and Child Development
  • Dissertation
  • Management of Non Profit Organization

  • Field Work Practicum & Viva-Voce- IV

Career Prospects

  • Welfare Departments of the Government and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • Commercial and Industrial Organizations.
  • The students have opportunities to become Social Workers or Bank Managers.
  • A graduate in Social Work can work as an Adult Guidance Worker, Career Advisor, Charity Officer, Community Development Worker, Counsellor, Volunteer, Coordinator and Youth Worker, etc.
  • Exciting job opportunities are available in Food Businesses, Agri-business, Insurance Companies and Supply Chains