Ph.D. (English) Ph.D. Eng

School of Languages, Literature and Society
The structure of the Ph. D. Course is designed to produce scholars with rigorous research and analytical skills, who are exceptionally well-equipped to go on post-doctoral Research or Employment in the industry and the Public Sector.

The Ph. D. Course provides the research scholars, an opportunity to study the fundamentals of Research and develop their critical and cognitive skills as researchers. The Ph. D. Programme is also the guiding light for strong academics and has created strong research edifice for the future research scholars.

Why English at Jaipur National University? (Quick Key Facts) A Slice of an Enlightened Journey -

Learning is an Immersive Experience

  • Studying Literature, ideas and culture helps the intrinsic transformation and quintessential adaptations essential for the millennial learners.
  • ?The learner`s knowledge would encompass literary, linguistic and communicative Repertoire.

Dedicated Career Consultant

  • The Department engages in career consultation throughout the year, so you will have a dedicated faculty to guide you through the Labyrinth of career choices.

Career Opportunities Workshops

  • While pursuing your goal, you will have an opportunity to meet and interact with leaders from different public and private sectors to guide you with a plethora of career paths.

Alumni Success Stories

  • After a degree from the school, the Alumni are contributing to the society as authors, editors, publishers, journalists, creative directors, translators, academics, entrepreneurs, educationists and researchers etc. Their success stories are shared at the “Alumni Student Mentorship Programme” to inspire and motivate you.

Clubs and Extra Curricular

  • Our student activities are aimed at a holistic and transformative growth witnessing a metamorphosis of thousands of students into confident and smart Samaritans with a redefined ikigai. Come and participate in Shakespeare`s Declamation, Debates, Pink-City Public Speaking, Poets, Readers and Writers Meet, and also share the bliss of language learning at our English Language Lab.

Learn Languages with growing Globalization

  • Undergraduate Certificate Course in French (one year Programme)
  • Undergraduate Certificate Course in Spanish (one year Programme)

We encourage you to explore the Resources at the School of Languages, Literature and Society to build an Intellectual Society.

Key Information


Minimum 3 years


Master’s Degree in English / Linguistics with 55 % marks in aggregate

Selection Procedure

Entrance Test + PI

Highlights of the Programme

The course provides the opportunity to the learners to develop skills in making and testing hypothesis, in developing new theories, planning and in conducting experiments; also in developing practical research skills and learns new state of the art techniques used in biomedical research. This course helps to expand the student’s knowledge of their research area, including its theoretical foundations and the specific techniques used to study a specific area. It provides a base to gain knowledge of the broader field of literature and language.

Career Relevance

Ph.D. in English Literature, is an apex level degree in the subject, and therefore does not involve any formal degree after completing the course. The candidates who complete this course can either pursue further research on the subject or take up a secure job. The doctoral English Literature can open a wide range of career opportunities for aspiring candidates

Ph.D. Candidates carry a vast amount of knowledge; therefore, they are offered lucrative and respectable jobs after completion of the course. Some popular profiles that are offered to such candidates are Professors (in colleges and universities), English Teacher (in coaching institutes and academies), Editor, Information Officer, Editorial Assistant, Lexicographer, Public Relation Officer, Soft-Skills Trainer, Advertising Copywriter and Content Creator for Companies, Writers and Journalists. This degree, will make the students an all-rounder in English which will help you in building careers in writing, communication skills and understanding the complex ideas of the literary works written in the past. As it is evident from the job profiles, major types of organizations, that hire such candidates are Universities, Publication Houses, Media Houses, Educational Bodies, and Literary Societies, etc.

Applying for Admissions 2022-23

Ph.D. in English is a 3-year doctorate degree in English, essentially consisting of research work. Upon completion of the course, for procurement of the degree, scholars are needed to submit a detailed thesis. The advanced course in English literature comprises literature not only by authors from England, but from across the globe. Ph.D. is a broad-based course involving a minimum course credit requirement and research thesis.

Obtaining a PhD in English gives prospective individuals a good understanding of the English language and allows them to easily change their writing style to suit an audience. This in turn helps them to secure jobs such as public relations and fundraising managers and editors. Some other career opportunities are Reporters, Correspondents, Broadcast News Analyst, Technical writers, School teachers, Professors & Lecturers in both English Language & Literature.

Major Subjects /areas offered in Ph.D English at JNU, Jaipur are:

  • Renaissance Studies
  • Life literature and thought in Various Centuries in Britain/ America/ Australia
  • Texts of Modernism
  • Continental Fiction
  • Indian Writings in English or Indian Writings Transtated in English
  • Theory and Practices of Translations
  • Subaltern Studies
  • American Literature
  • Canadian Literature
  • Afro- American Literature
  • Linguistics/ Applied Linguistics/ Stylistics
  • ELT
  • Psycholinguistics/ Sociolinguistics
  • Prof K.K Gautam, Director & Professor
  • MA (Eng.) Raj University, MA( ELT) Leeds University, PG Dip & M.Litt. (CIEFL) & Ph.D.(KUK)

  • Prof Rana Zaidi, Professor & Head
  • M.A & Ph.D English

  • Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, Associate Professor
  • M.A & Ph.D English