Chancellor/ Chairman

Welcome to the world of Jaipur National University. A world of opportunities beckons you and a sense of possibility fills the air as you step into the vibrant campus. At JNU, we welcome the 'new' with a heightened focus on educational excellence, enhanced student experience and the services we provide. Education in our prestigious portals is focused not only on knowledge acquisition but also towards the development of crucial competencies such as digital literacy, research acumen, collaborative skills and critical and creative thinking skills.

JNU is all about student success in education and in life. We offer undergraduate programs with a focus on providing the broad foundational skills in all fields as well as selective, high quality postgraduate programs. Today ranked among the top Universities of the country, our ascent in credibility and reputation can be attributed to the contribution of dedicated and experienced faculty, the energy, enthusiasm and inventiveness of our students, the active engagement and unstinted support of our partners from all walks of life. Not to forget our unyielding commitment to research which has enriched education complemented by applied work and integrated learning opportunities. The placements and accomplishments of our alumni in different organisations and ranks are a true reflection of this deep abiding commitment.

At JNU Medical College and Hospital, our missions are inextricably woven and interdependent- with clinical care inspiring research, the research leading to fresh clinical paradigms improving patient care and with education occuring in an environment teeming with care, curiosity, compassion and rigorous standards for excellence. We hope that the leaders we create in the health sector will place their expertise not only in the service of individual patients but also significantly impact the canvas of health care for communities they work in.

A conducive learning environment backed by high tech infrastructure and excellent academic support services ensure student interest and admissions from across the globe. Participation and active engagement in extracurricular pursuits and community service projects enhance a student's worldview and perspective. Regular curriculum planning, development and execution, timely assessment of student performance, annual Convocations are some of the hallmarks of the University. For those who cannot take up the regular mode of learning, the School Of Distance Education provides courses in conformation with contemporary needs.

The advantages of a JNU degree are numerous and long lasting. We love to work to turn what you love into a rewarding career. Whether you're a student looking for an enrichingeducational experience, a researcher wishing to fulfill your dreams, an educator aspiring to create an impact, I, as Chancellor, affirm with confidence that JNU is the world you have been looking for. We welcome you to join us in upholding and preserving the values we cherish as an academic institution ,fostering an ambience that is respectful, supporting and welcoming for all.

I conclude with these words that are profound

Destiny doesn't push you where you don't want to go. You're the one who chooses.

Destiny's up to you

I wish you greatness as you choose to discover your destiny at JNU

Dr. Sandeep Bakshi

Chancellor/ Chairman

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