Industrial Visit of Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd.

Sep 14, 2022
Carlsberg India

TOPIC: Industrial Visit

DATE:Saturday, 24th Sep., 2022

TIME:12:00 pm – 03:00 pm

BENEFICIARIES:B. Tech. Food Technology (I, II, III, IV year)



INDUSTRY NAME: Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd.

VENUES:Agro Food Park, MIA, Alwar

OBJECTIVE OF THE SESSION:To provide an exposure to students about manufacturing steps and equipment used in Beer Industries and to gain awareness about industrial practices.


  • 1. To understand the concept of production of Beer at commercial level
  • 2. To make them visualize & learn about the very elegant and fine art of beer making including the parameters like quality, safety, transportation etc.
  • 3. To make them understand about the emerging possibilities in the area of entrepreneurships

Department of Food Technology conducted an Industrial Visit to Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd., Alwar on 24th September, 2022 to familiarize students with manufacturing steps, equipment used, sanitation and hygiene practices followed in alcoholic beverage industry.

During the visit, students learnt about the manufacturing of Beer and observed the processing steps like malting, fermentation, filtration, blending, flavoring, carbonation, bottling, sealing, packing, storage and dispatch of alcoholic beverages (Beer). Students observed the use of machines and equipment like clarifier, blenders, bottle washers, water purifier, filler, sealer, stacker etc. They also observed the state excise norms, hygiene, cleanliness and food safety features of the Alcohol industry.

Carlsberg India
Carlsberg India
Carlsberg India
Carlsberg India