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Department of Food Technology organizing World Food Day: "Water is life, Water is Food"

Oct 16, 2023
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DATE: October 16, 2023

VENUE: Auditorium & Smart Room, GC1, SOET, SADTM Campus

BENEFICIARIES: B. Tech. Food Technology students

TIME: 12:30 PM Onwards

The Department of Food Technology at Jaipur National University orchestrated a vibrant and informative celebration on October 16, 2023, commemorating World Food Day. The event was tailored for the B.Tech. Food Technology students, revolving around the theme "Water is Life, Water is Food."

Event Highlights:

  • Technical Quiz: Kicking off the event at 12:30 PM, a technical quiz centered on the pivotal theme "Water is Life, Water is Food" engaged students, fostering their knowledge and understanding of the critical relationship between water and food.
  • Pledge for Water Conservation: At 1:15 PM, a significant moment ensued as students collectively pledged actions aimed at conserving water. This pledge highlighted the students' commitment to actionable steps in water preservation.
  • Insightful Webinar by FAO: Noteworthy segment of the event was the participation in a webinar conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), commencing at 1:30 PM. The webinar provided invaluable insights and information pertinent to the theme, enriching the students' understanding of the subject matter.
  • Theme Video Premiere: Following the webinar, at 2:30 PM, attendees had the opportunity to witness the premiere of a theme video launched by the Food & Agriculture Organization. This audio-visual presentation encapsulated the essence of the theme, delivering a powerful message about the interconnection of water and food.
  • Prize Distribution: The culmination of the event at 2:45 PM included the distribution of certificates to all participants and the acknowledgment of winners and runners with trophies. This recognition served as an encouragement for active participation and excellence.
  • Key Takeaways: The World Food Day celebration proved to be a significant platform for students to immerse themselves in crucial discussions, activities, and presentations regarding the pivotal relationship between water and food. Encouraging active involvement, the event fostered an atmosphere of learning, collaboration, and heightened awareness concerning these essential issues.

In conclusion, the Department of Food Technology's initiative to organize this event served as an educational milestone, offering students not only academic enrichment but also instilling a sense of responsibility towards sustainable practices in food production and water conservation.

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